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All Binodon News in  Bangladesh
This is how much Selena Gomez’s social media posts are worth

Selena Gomez isn’t just raking in the dollars with her music — she’s also making it rain with her Instagram posts.As reported by E! News, a study by data company D’Marie Analytics puts Gomez in the number one spot on their list of influential media moguls. Given her social media power, the company estimates the singer’s posts are worth US$550,000 (AU$733,455) when they’re published across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

With 90.5 million Instagram followers — along with the fact she broke the record for the most like Insta snap last week — it’s no surprise her posts have increased in value by $300,000 since December.

As E! News points out, Gomez has 180.6 million total followers across all social platforms and gains an average of 200,000 new followers each day.So, basically she’s killing it.

Katy Perry has a love-hate relationship with this pink parachute in her ''Rise'' music video

Katy Perry's "Rise" music video is here.Fans got a taste of the singer's latest project when the teaser for her video hit the Internet, and while it initially gave us flashbacks to some other famous scenes, what we learned when watching the video in its entirety is that Katy is actually illustrating a love-hate relationship with a pink parachute.
(OK, that's probably not really the case, but we're sticking to it.)The video for "Rise," the song NBC chose as the official anthem for the upcoming Rio Olympics coverage, was directed by Paul Gore, and shows the star struggling to get out of the desert while still tied to this parachute, making their partnership slightly reminiscent of Tom Hanks and his volleyball Wilson in Castaway.
And despite some ups and downs (no pun intended), this pair finally worked it out and rose together.

Kim Kardashian shows off tiny 26-inch waist as she flaunts jaw-dropping figure in sexy SnapChat

Kim Kardashian recently boasted about hitting her goal weight, but it seems she's not done yet.The mum-of-two showed off her incredibly toned figure on SnapChat Wednesday as she geared up for yet another workout where she flaunted her rock hard abs in a black sports bra and matching lyrca trousers.

She can be heard saying: "I'm up early, let the workout begin" The reality star is believed to have lost more than 60 pounds since the arrival of son Saint and credited her strict Atkins diet and early morning workouts for the incredible results.Boasting about her 26-inch waist she recently told People magazine: "My butt and my hips are the last to go, but I'm not stopping!"

"After having two kids, and being able to get in shape and still feel good about myself, I've never felt better. I worked my a** off, I've altered my life and I'm proud of that."

How to choose and use natural fragrances

Fragrances can make us smell fresh and feel great—but today, there’s much more to consider than whether to choose a musky or floral scent.
For those label readers out there, picking perfume can be tricky. Companies aren’t required to list the ingredients used in fragrances, and the word “fragrance” on a label is usually a catchall term for a cocktail of any number of chemicals. According to a report by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, popular fragrances contain an average of 14 secret chemicals from a pool of 3,100 chemicals utilized by the fragrance industry. Not surprisingly, “fragrance” is now among the nation’s top five allergens and is found not only in perfumes but also in shampoo, skin care products, household cleaners and more. Last year’s critically acclaimed documentary Stink! explored the issue in depth, asking the question: Why are toxic chemicals hiding in America?
The good news: As more consumers stop and smell the roses, companies are creating plant-based products that lend a beautiful scent—with no secret chemicals. And although current cosmetics laws don’t require companies to be transparent about what’s in fragrance, a new verification from the Environmental Working Group (EWG) encourages brands to rise to the occasion. The "EWG Verified: For Your Health" seal leverages the EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database safety ratings and requires companies to fully disclose ingredient lists. “We are particularly happy to see the unveiling of fragrance in these standards,” says Cynthia Barstow, executive director of nonprofit Protect Our Breasts. “So many chemicals are found in that single proprietary recipe.”

Beauty secrets from the deep sea

Avoiding excess salt in your diet? Good call for your health; but when it comes to your beauty regimen, this age-old remedy is just what the doctor (or dermatologist) ordered.

One of Mother Earth’s oldest natural beauty fixes, mineral-dense Dead Sea salt acts much differently than classic table salt, especially when on (rather than in) the body. Its range of minerals—magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium—lend a multitude of benefits to the skin, hair and lips. Try these easy, DIY beauty remedies to bring flavor to your summer beauty routine. Plus, check out our favorite salty natural product picks for the season.

For your skin …
Chock-full of essential minerals, sea salt makes a stellar gentle, natural exfoliant that supports healthy circulation and sloughs off dead skin cells. Dead Sea salt has traditionally been used to heal psoriasis and dermatitis. Now, research shows that the magnesium in Dead Sea salt can also hydrate skin, improve skin barrier function and visibly reduce topical inflammation.
DIY: Combine a cup of sea salt with a half-cup of nourishing fruit oil or nut oil (olive, almond or grapeseed) and a drop or two of your favorite essential oil; gently rub on arms and legs in a circular motion to remove dead skin cells and promote circulation. Also use as a foot soak, sprinkling salt into warm water to hydrate skin and reduce inflammation. “Follow with a rich lotion,” recommends Leah Crump, spa director at Ocean Pearl Spa in Carlsbad, California.

Are lovebirds Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone secretly engaged?

Bajirao ne Mastani se mohabbat ki hai, ayaashi nahi. This popular dialogue from Bajirao Mastani also stands true for Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone in real life. Ranveer's public display of affection can give any guy serious trouble. Women love him, and men want to be him. Unlike his contemporaries, who keep their private life under wraps, the 31-year-old actor has always remained vocal about his love for Deepika.

Why did Salman skip ex-girlfriend Katrina's birthday bash?

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif may have parted ways, but their friendship has remained intact. Katrina celebrated her 33rd birthday and threw a party last night. It was a low-key affair for the Bang Bang actor and had only close friends in attendance.

Visit Cox's bazar ,the vacational spot for amusement

Cox’s Bazar is known for its wide sandy beach which is claimed to be the world’s longest natural sandy sea beach. It is an unbroken 125 km sandy sea beach with a gentle slope. it is a good place for sea bathing. It is located 150 km south of Chittagong. Cox’s Bazar is also known by the name “Panowa”, the literal translation of which means “yellow flower”. Its other old name was “Palongkee”. The modern Cox’s Bazar derives its name from Captain Cox, an officer serving in British India in 18th century. Although Cox’s Bazar is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Bangladesh, it has yet to become a major international tourist destination, due to lack of publicity.

Places of interest along the beach
Cox’s Bazar is famous for its beautiful sea beach and for sunset. Its has also some other tourist attractions, including
Laboni Beach
Laboni beach is the main beach of Cox’s Bazar. It is the closest sea beach to the town. Near the beach there are hundreds of shops selling souvenirs and beach accessories to the tourists
Enani beach
Enani beach is located 35km south of Cox’s Bazar town. This beach is famous for its golden sand and clean shark free water which is ideal for sea bathing. Most tourists prefer to come down here for relaxing because it is free from the crowd of tourists.
Himchari is located about 18km south of Cox’s Bazar. Himchari is famous for its waterfalls. The road to Himchari runs by the open sea on one side and hills on the other which makes the journey to Himchari very attractive.

Visit Rangamati - Rangamati Tourist Information

Rangamati, a small town located amongst the green hills, lakes and rivers of the Chittagong Hill Tracts. This is what makes it a prime Bangladesh hill destination. It is known as the Lake City of Bangladesh as this place is located on the bank of the beautiful Kaptai Lake.
The rich natural resources, diverse flora and fauna makes Rangamati a Bangladesh Eco-Tourism destination. The road leading to Rangamati circles and winds through hilly terrains covered with lush green forests and creates a memorable experience for years to come. A stay here provides a glimpse into the lifestyle of various tribes living there.
The ethnic tribes of Rangamati are the Chakma, Marma, Tonchongya, Tripura, Murong, Bome, Khumi, Kheyang, Chak, Pankhoa, and Lusai. The mix of different races, cultures, religions and customs creates an interesting community at Rangamati. It is said that without visiting Rangamati a tourist will miss a colourful slice of Bangladesh.
Visit Rangamati during October to February as the temperature remains cool and usually there is no rainfall, however, the beauty of Rangamati unleashes during the monsoon as the forest becomes greener, bursts with life and the rivers and waterfalls becomes replenished.

Justin Bieber REFUSES to hug a fan days after rejecting a gift during a live show

The Love Yourself singer announced earlier this year he would no longer be posing for snaps with his fans.Justin Bieber already told fans he wouldn't be posing for anymore selfies, and now it seems that extents to hugs too. The Love Yourself singer - who took to Instagram this year and insisted he felt like a "zoo animal" when asked for pictures by eager supporters in public - has been spotted in an awkward exchanged while out shopping. In the clip shared on Twitter by user The Shady Facts, Justin can be seen walking through a store as a girl approaches him for a hug. Blog Zone is a magazine related with the lifestyle of the celebraties.Through the articles of this binodon portal you will know the beauty tips, health tips.The most recent international affairs is available.All the top stories related with entertainment you will know from the website

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