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4 things you never do after the 7:30 pm

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4 things you never do after the 7:30 pm

Most of our works and training is completed early in the day while rest time we spend taking rest and planty of eating and drinking in the evening.Unfortunately when it comes to the matter to our health and weight this is very worst to us.Keep in mind that Health is Wealth.To have a fit and good health you should follow some rules and maintain it.Eating food that is baneficial to our health is always to kept in your eating list.Some foods that harm our health you should avoid eating after the 7:30 pm in the evening.

Eating Large Meal
Do not eat large meal which contains heavy calories late in the days.You are more likely to sit or little moving in your job.Heavy calories will increase your fat and sometimes hormonal disorder.Know 5 amazing health banefits of apple that protect to remain free from harmful sick

Eating Fatty Food
You should avoid eating food which contains heavy fat such as ice-cream,biscuits,cakes,chocolates.Fatty foods increase the fat in our blood.

Drinking Alcohol
It is commonly thought alcohol is causes to gain weight.Eat your last meal as early as soon and don't take chances to gain weight by drinking alcohol.

Consume Caffeine
Consume caffeine which contains heavy fat such as cola drinks,dark chocolate,cacao,tea should be avoid eat and drink after late of the day.

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